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Empresse Propiedades

We manage 300 properties, approximately. Many of its owners live abroad and they trust us to care for their properties, year after year. We apply our responsibility and experience to the handling of the business and the defense of your commercial interests.

Advantages of Empresse Propiedades management of rentals

 First of all: a good tenant.
The choice of the tenants is based on an exhaustive report about the patrimonial solvency of tenants and guarantors. We present this information on a confidential written dossier.

 Management during contract.
We collect your rent, month after month.
Monthly, we control the incidental costs, ABL (Town Hall tax), Metrogas (gas bill), Aguas Argentinas (water bill), telephone, and electricity payments.
We perform monthly liquidations through computerized receipt, with a detail of credits and debits, and we attach taxes, services and incidental costs proofs of payment.
We deposit the rental money on your banking account

 We solve the problems that may arise.
For a small fee, we solve every problem that may arise during the validity of the rental contract, such as:

Property damages.
Procedures before the community of property owners management.
We solve taxes and services invoicing problems.
We issue summons for payments delay.

 We accompany you when the contract ends.
We advise and accompany you when the contractual relationship with the tenant ends.

Besides, for a monthly fee, we can manage your empty property while you are out, and solve all the problems that may arise. Our fees include a monthly visit to the property, inspections and the sending of pictures.

If you want to contact this sector for more information and conditions, send us an email to:

Empresse Propiedades. The premier real estate firm in the City of Buenos Aires. We provide real state services of brand new properties, houses, apartments and buildings sale, rental of furnished apartments and temporary rentals. We are the main leader in the real estate market in the Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood areas.


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