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Terms of the temporary rental of apartments:

Terms of Contract:

1) The total price of the rent includes all the main services and taxes of the property.
(incidental costs, taxes, electricity, natural gas, telephone, running water, cable and maid service once a week).

2) When the rental is up to two months long, the stay must be paid in advance. If the period of the rental is longer, consult the "monthly payment" option. In all the cases, you will have fifteen days to confirm if you extend the contracted period.

3) If the contract is for one to three months, the tenant must make a deposit in cash equivalent to a month of rent. If the rental is for six months, the deposit will be equivalent to two months. In all the cases, the amount of the deposit will be refunded at the end of your stay, as long as the property is returned in the same state in which it was rented.

4) Empresse Propiedades fees are:

From one to three months, 15% of the total of the contract.
From four to six months, 10 % of the total of the contract.

5) The payment of the rent, the deposit and Empresse Propiedades fees will be made only in cash.

How is the reservation procedure?

The reservations are made by the payment of 50% of the agreed monthly rental price. This may be made personally at our offices or by sending the money through Western Union, once the operation is confirmed.
Once the credit transfer is made, you must inform us and we will send you a note by e-mail committing the property for the agreed date.

You must provide us with the following information of each one of the people who will inhabit the apartment and will appear in the Temporary Rental Contract:

• Full name
• National Identity Card or Passport.
• Address of your residence.
• Photocopy of the round-trip ticket.
• Mobile phone number.
• E-mail address.
• If it is a work trip, documentary evidence of the company where you work.
• If you are a student, documentary evidence of the enrollment at the university.

General Terms

All the apartments offered by Empresse Propiedades were supervised and selected by our "Temporary Rentals" department. The owners who offer their properties for rent are obliged to keep them in perfect state of cleanliness and general preservation.

Read the general terms through the following questions and answers guide.

• Which services are included in the rental?
In all the cases, the rental includes incidental costs, taxes, main services, household linen change and maid service (once a week).

• Which are the advantages of a temporary rental?
The temporary rental is a mode of accommodation in which the passenger enjoys advantages like, for example, more privacy, more comforts/profits of the furniture and fittings the property offers, where the prices are comparatively affordable, and the passenger chooses a unit according to a preferred location in the city. We thus hope that the passenger feels at ease and comfortable with the rented unit.

• What happens if the property reserved is not in habitable condition?
If the property reserved is not in habitable condition, for any reason or unforeseen event at the moment of the passenger's arrival, we offer: 1) resettling you in another apartment of similar characteristics and comforts, available at the date of your trip, or 2) refunding you the money paid as reservation.

• What happens if I must cancel the reservation or the rental of the apartment?
If, once the reservation was made according to the above mentioned terms, the interested party decides to suspend the trip or shorten the stay, he or she won't be able to claim the refund of the money, since it will be considered as compensation for having reserved the exclusive use of the property during the agreed period. Regarding the contract of rental for several months in which the rent is paid monthly, if a guest decides to terminate the contract early, he or she loses the amount of money left as deposit as compensation to the owner for the breach of contract.

• May I have a pet in the apartment?
Pets are not allowed in the Temporary Rentals.

• How long are minimum and maximum stays?
The minimum stay in the apartments is of one month and the maximum stay is of six months. Contracts of Temporary Rental are not extendable. They have a beginning date and an end date. For that reason, if the passenger wishes to extend his or her stay at the rented property, he or she must inform Empresse Propiedades well in advance to be able to make a new contract for the new agreed period and make sure that the property is not reserved for another guest. In every new period or extension of contract, Empresse Propiedades respective fees must be paid.

• Which is the procedure once I arrive at the chosen apartment?
When the guest arrives, at the agreed time, the owner of the apartment and/or an Empresse Propiedades representative will welcome you at the rented property, where the contract of rental and the inventory attached will be signed. At that moment, your stay´s balance and the respective warranty deposit must be paid in cash. The passenger receives the keys of the property and the owner´s information in case of any request related to the property.

• How much is the deposit I must pay?

Duration of the Rental Warranty deposit equivalent to
One to three months One month of rent
from four to six months Two months of rent

• Which are the check-in and check-out hours?
The check in is at 2 PM and the check out is at 10 AM

• How is the check-out procedure?
The passenger must contact Empresse Propiedades a few days before the end of the contract to agree on a time and arrange the delivery of the apartment. At that same moment, the keys of the property and the warranty deposit will be returned, after checking the respective inventory and the general state of the apartment. The apartments must be returned in the same order and cleanliness condition in which they were presented to the guest.

The owners and Empresse Propiedades reserve the right to refuse admission.

Under no circumstances will people who don't appear in the contract be allowed to live in the apartment. This situation allows the owner to terminate the contract and serve the occupants with an eviction notice.

When you reserve a property through our Web site, you are giving consent and accepting the "Terms and Conditions" and the Terms of Reserve and Cancellation Policy.


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