Empresse Propiedades
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Empresse Propiedades
         BRAND NEW

Córdoba 5902 and Ravignani


Technical specifications
The building has eight floors with one, two and three room apartments.
On the ninth floor is the access to the swimming pool, the laundry room and the grills sector.
Access to the building and to the garage -the later through a cars elevator- is on Ravignani.
On the Córdoba Av. facade there is a commercial store.
Facades are covered with cement grey bricks. Woodworks are aluminium, Modena line.
Heating and hot water systems are provided by dual individual control boilers.
Installation ready for "split" air-conditioning.
Floors on fine Porcelaine stoneware and/or wood.
Units will be equipped with kitchen furnishing
and cupboard fronts.


Design and development: Mariel Burstein